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Why Are They Calling the Mayor, "Teedy"?

PSA for my non-black friends in the New Orleans area.

There is something about the mayor of New Orleans that you will never truly understand. You won't understand because it is a cultural thing. You may have seen your black friends call her "Teedy." There is a reason for that. You may have difficulty understanding her or her persona. You may not be able to follow or understand the significance in her body language, her facial expressions, or the cadence in which she makes certain statements. The press conference where she addresses Fletcher Mackel clearly demonstrates all of the above and is a clear representation of the first step in the Black family disciplinary action model. See, in Black families (in this area), your aunt is affectionately called your aunt tee(pronounced ant tee) or your Teedy, and she holds all the disciplinary rights as your parents in the case that you require discipline. The second step in the model varies from family to family but usually ends with tears or clenched fists, tight lips, mumbling incoherent curse words, and pacing back and forth, with no intent to do any of the things mumbled. Anyway...
Teedy's style may be unfamiliar to you but it garners respect among many of the city's majority population. And although we laugh and make memes and jokes, we understand her stance and take the issues seriously. However, history shows that the black community has survived the struggles brought upon us through the celebration of our culture and finding humor in almost all circumstances. It's a survival mechanism. So do not take our laughter and our posts as discontent for the mayor, it is only an expression of who we are as a colorful, culturally rich, and resilient people.
My point is that you MAY never fully understand the mayor or her public persona if you didn't grow up with a Teedy or with a Black mother. This is a clear example of why seeing color is important. It is important because we have cultural differences that may be deemed as negative if not understood.
That's it.


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