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Empty Prayers

Empty Prayers

As I was reading information on databases for my disease surveillance class, the phrase “fearfully and wonderfully made” came to mind. I mentally stepped away from the logistics of how data is stored, processed, and displayed and began to think about how we were created. Then I began to think about all the different things that I’ve heard believers say. “God is my healer.” “I’m going to pray and fast for healing.” And so on and so on. And many of these believers have faith that God will heal them, so they wait and pray. Unfortunately, many of them find themselves still waiting. Not because God isn’t faithful. Not because He isn’t able to do all things. The reason is because he gave us the power to heal ourselves yet we fail to understand. So we just wait. He said to delight yourself in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart. Delighting yourself in Him will provide order to your steps. But just believing in Him is not enough. We must understand His purpose for us. So I will explain why we suffer the illnesses that we suffer and why healing won’t come by taking 10 medications.

God laid out a plan for us. He told us exactly how to live. But we go against it and wonder why things aren’t working in our favor. When He created us, He provided everything we needed to survive. He then allowed us to take part in things outside of what he originally provided. But He made specifications on items that we were forbidden to consume. Unfortunately for us, we assumed that these specifications no longer applied to us. But let me ask this question. If He, God, The Most High, forbade us from consuming something, wouldn’t it be because the item would cause harm to his wonderfully made creation? Let me provide an example. He said we should avoid eating swine because it would make us unclean. However, because we were taught to believe that Jesus fulfilled the law, we mistakenly assume that we can eat whatever we want. Before I get to where I am trying to get, let me give another example. In the law of beast and fowls, he also said what we could eat. So, for example, we can eat the chicken or the cow. But as most believers know, there are many instances in the Bible where we see that God doesn’t want us to do things in excess. So although the law allowed these meats, wouldn’t you think that in addition to the meat of the animal, consuming the bodily fluids that were meant to be ingested by the animal’s offspring, is excessive. Or wouldn’t you think it is excessive that after eating the chicken’s body, we also eat the unfertilized embryo of the chicken. I have one more thing to add before I provide you with the reason why you aren’t receiving healing. When God created Adam and Eve, he placed them in a GARDEN and told them that they could of eat everything that sprouted seeds, except the Tree of Life. So when He created them, He put them in a place that could sustain them. Which means the contents of the Garden was created for the sustainment of them. Which means, that the Garden had everything needed to sustain life.

Here is the take home point. You can pray to God for healing all you want. Will you receive it? Only if you respect the creation. Understand that we cry for healing but the way to health has been laid out for us. The reason we as a people are suffering from illness is because we eat the things that he forbade, eat in excess the things he allowed, and we don’t eat enough of what was actually created for us. The things he forbade can not sustain life if we ate it exclusively. In fact, the things forbidden actually cause harm to our bodies. For instance, pork, almost instantly increases your blood pressure when ingested. The foods he allowed were not meant to sustain us on their own either and if consumed excessively, actually causes harm to our bodies. For instance, eggs are high in cholesterol and I don’t need to get into the logistics of how dairy is stored, processed, and presented for you to understand that it isn’t as healthy as the dairy industry has led us to believe. Now, plant based foods, on the other hand, what was actually created for us…they have everything needed to exclusively sustain our bodies and will not cause illness. We are suffering because we fail to see God’s plan for our survival. So you can have all the faith you want, but if you fail to follow the plan He laid out for you, you will continue to suffer. Faith without works is dead. Which means your prayers for healing, my brother, my sister, are in fact, empty if you fail to respect the creation.

Just to be clear:
I'm not saying to give up everything. I'm only saying that we need to modify our diets if we want healing. You don't have to go Vegan or Vegetarian. You just need to eat more of whats good for you and less of whats not.

*** I didn't go into detail of how food causes illnesses, but please understand that most chronic illnesses are caused by what we eat. And although I didn't go into it above, sugar is a main culprit. I'll talk about that in my next post.


  1. The detail in the information provided above is extraordinary. The break down from beginning to end captured my attention. In my opinion I hope the information does not offend. The details were put in such a calculating manner that it should reach your target population. I have absolutely nothing negative to say. The facts put in place along with the questions and concerns, I must say it should educate more than it should offend. I look forward to reading more of your research so I may continue to add value to my life and those around me.

    1. Thank you so much for giving your thoughts. It definitely make me more comfortable about sharing my thoughts.

    2. Thank you for sending me your blob.It was very interesting to read and very true. We do things that we see or learned from hearing and seeing our elders do. For example I have always heard my grandma say. Baby just pray to God for He knows what you need and he will answer your prayers. I pray everyday for not only for healing when I am under the weather but, when I just want to talk to God. most of the things that were said have opened my eyes. Thank you for keeping positive thoughts and enlightening the world with true facts. Keep writing because this will reach and help someone alone the way.

  2. Im just in awe at what I just read! We have a plan from the creator but have been conditioned to ignore it! Our medicines are natural items and compared to the cost of pills, it doesnt compare. This is like the third sign I have recieved concerning my eating habits. I follow the dietary law as much as I can but my problem is the intake of plant based foods. I am excited to start this journey!

  3. ABSOLUTELY AMAAAAAAZING post! You are so correct when we talked about how we pray and ask God for healing yet we won't take care of our bodies or consume enough of what was actually meant for us to consume. I love the way that you break things down in the analysis of everything and the examples that you use. Awesome awesome awesome!

    Zea Wallace

  4. Wow this is sooooooo good!! This definitely sheds light on our prayers that seem to go unanswered. A why you know. Great job! I love it! Keep up the great work!


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