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Dear White People - Can You Explain Something to Me?

Dear White People,

    I have questions. If the questions do not apply to you, I'm sure they apply to someone you know. Can you please help me understand something. I'm so tired of SOME white folks creating so-called definitions or rewriting facts in order to fit their narrative. In my many attempts to make people understand my perspective, I have observed the following:

1. The same people who reply "All lives matter" to "Black Lives Matter" are the same folks that will say "Blue Lives Matter." So the problem is not with pointing out a specific group. The problem is you(they) do not want to acknowledge that in this country Black lives do not always matter.

2. The same people who claim that people are disrespecting the flag by kneeling are the same people who support or brandish the Blue Lives Matter Flag, which actually disrespects the flag.

3. The same people who claim their Christian beliefs are the reason they voted and continue to defend #45 because of his political pro-life stance are the same people who still support him although he never respected the sanctity of marriage. They are the same people who will defend him to the end even after he disrespected women, the handicap, other countries, minorities, etc. when all of these things actually go against their Christian beliefs. Yet, a Black man who was given an African name was never given the benefit of being a Christian although he displayed and practiced more Christian values than the current president has in his pinky finger.

4. The same people who do not believe in white privilege or systemic racism are the same people who have never even walked a day with an individual of color to understand their experience. They pray to a picture of a White Jesus that was created to oppress people of color and fit the narrative that the White race was the superior race. They watch tv shows with all white people and never question it, but want to know why Black Entertainment Television exists. They send their children to Universities that historically excluded black people, but can't understand why Historically Black Universities exist and fail to acknowledge that they are named that not because they excluded anyone but because they were the only places that Blacks were included.

5. The same people that will say black people kill black people more than the police do are the same people that fail to acknowledge that white people kill police officers more than Black people, yet police officers are more often afraid for their lives when they are dealing with Black men. (In July, after about 20 commands and finally trying to physically remove a man from a car, 2 officers were killed. They didn't fear for their lives and they gave that man 19 more chances than they would have given a black man out of fear for their lives. A black man would have never gotten that opportunity.)

6. The same people who do not believe Black people still experience racism are the same people that still harbor racial biases about "all" or "most" black people.

7. The same people who deny white privilege are the same people who want to "make America great again," but fail to acknowledge that the period in which they are referring to(the 40s and 50s), Black people were considered second class citizens. What was so great about that time for Black people? How can a Black person sincerely chant this phrase, when America has never been great for the majority of them.

8. The same people who wear red hats that imply that America isn't great are the same people who tell others to leave when they kneel or protest the things that aren't great in America. Don't you see that the mere inclination that you can suggest that another group leave the country, as if it is not theirs as much it is yours because they disagree with something, but you can wear a hat and a shirt and proclaim your disagreements every day, is a sign of your inherent belief that you are superior to them?

How can you say that I don't experience something just because you haven't witnessed me experience it? Have you ever thought about the fact that if over 90% of your friends, family, and neighbors look just like you and share similar experiences with you, that your opportunity to witness it happen is limited to less than 10% considering you don't spend that much time with that 10%?

Why are you so determined to dismiss the experiences of others?

If you have to twist facts, create new definitions of disrespect, and fail to see the hypocrisy in everything stated above, you, my friend, are not only passively racist, you might just be the biggest part of the problem.


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