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The Guy in the Red Hat

I wrote this post at 3AM while sitting in the bathtub this summer. 

There are white people in America that will never admit there are racial injustices in this country.
- They are the individuals that will say, the guy was a criminal or suggest that he shouldn't have reached for his wallet.
- They are also the individuals that will argue that more whites have been killed by the police than blacks and it is not about race.
- They will even tell you that they have been harassed by police before.
- They will then tell you that kneeling is disrespectful to the men and women who fought for this country.
- They will tell you that protesters are a bunch of ignorant POS that's tearing up the businesses of hardworking individuals.
- And lastly, they will tell you, if you hate this country so much, why don't you just go.
These people are your purist. They believe America and everything it stands for is great. They love capitalism and gun-toting. They love watching sports(as long as the players keep their mouths shut). They love hunting and they enjoy drinking a beer and enjoying the wonders of this great country.
They love this country so much that they refuse to taint this love with the truth. They want to believe that they discovered this country. That they conquered the land fair and square. And they rather not discuss what happened to the original inhabitants. The Thanksgiving story is enough for them.
- They like to celebrate wars and war heroes. They like to celebrate the confederacy. Nevermind the fact if they are as patriotic as they say, the confederates would actually be unpatriotic. But that goes against the good feelings, so they will celebrate it anyway and call it "their culture." Hmmm....some culture!
- They like to say slavery was a long time ago and ignore the Jim Crow laws and the discrimination practices that happen to this day because it would make America sound not so great if they acknowledged it.
- They say make America great again. But they will never acknowledge that that so-called great time was when black people were treated like 2/3rds of a person. Yet still, they think those people should have as much reverence for the flag as they do.
It is a subconscious protective mechanism that they use to save them from themselves. If they acknowledge any of the wrongdoings, they would have to admit that America is not as great as they want it to be. This is why they are quick to tell black people who demand fair treatment that if you don't like it you can leave, insinuating that us being here is a favor to us granted by them.
- They want you to stop kneeling because it makes them uncomfortable, but they want to keep statues that represent our oppression front and center in a city that we heavily populate. It's about maintaining control and their idea of a great America.
- Either they lack the education or they refuse to hear the facts because admitting the facts would require them to do the hardest thing in the world (for them). They would have to admit that they are wrong. That their ancestors were killers, rapists, and thieves.
Instead of admitting there is a problem with the system they created, they rather say we're using it wrong. It must be user error. They will turn the blame on us and suggest we are lazy, ungrateful, and disrespectful. How dare we demand anything, we should be lucky we have the freedoms we have. Just get out there and throw the ball, no talking. Get out there and dance and sing. You should happy you have this opportunity. Just don't earn a position over them, because then they will say the liberal laws have cost them their livelihood.
Their refusal to hear facts or acknowledge that racial injustices are a thing has nothing to do with us. Keep trying with those willing to listen. But to these people, there is no use. It's one of the deadliest of the 7 deadly sins. They rather say everyone in the world is wrong before they admit that their whole life was a lie.


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