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Why Are They Calling the Mayor, "Teedy"?

P SA for my non-black friends in the New Orleans area. There is something about the mayor of New Orleans that you will never truly understand. You won't understand because it is a cultural thing. You may have seen your black friends call her "Teedy." There is a reason for that. You may have difficulty understanding her or her persona. You may not be able to follow or understand the significance in her body language, her facial expressions, or the cadence in which she makes certain statements. The press conference where she addresses Fletcher Mackel clearly demonstrates all of the above and is a clear representation of the first step in the Black family disciplinary action model. See, in Black families (in this area), your aunt is affectionately called your aunt tee(pronounced ant tee) or your Teedy, and she holds all the disciplinary rights as your parents in the case that you require discipline. The second step in the model varies from family to family but usually ends w

The Guy in the Red Hat

I wrote this post at 3AM while sitting in the bathtub this summer.  There are white people in America that will never admit there are racial injustices in this country. - They are the individuals that will say, the guy was a criminal or suggest that he shouldn't have reached for his wallet. - They are also the individuals that will argue that more whites have been killed by the police than blacks and it is not about race. - They will even tell you that they have been harassed by police before. - They will then tell you that kneeling is disrespectful to the men and women who fought for this country. - They will tell you that protesters are a bunch of ignorant POS that's tearing up the businesses of hardworking individuals. - And lastly, they will tell you, if you hate this country so much, why don't you just go. These people are your purist. They believe America and everything it stands for is great. They love capitalism and gun-toting. They love watching sports(as long as t

Dear White People - Can You Explain Something to Me?

Dear White People,     I have questions. If the questions do not apply to you, I'm sure they apply to someone you know. Can you please help me understand something.  I'm so tired of SOME white folks creating so-called definitions or rewriting facts in order to fit their narrative. In my many attempts to make people understand my perspective, I have observed the following: 1. The same people who reply "All lives matter" to "Black Lives Matter" are the same folks that will say "Blue Lives Matter." So the problem is not with pointing out a specific group. The problem is you(they) do not want to acknowledge that in this country Black lives do not always matter. 2. The same people who claim that people are disrespecting the flag by kneeling are the same people who support or brandish the Blue Lives Matter Flag, which actually disrespects the flag. 3. The same people who claim their Christian beliefs are the reason they voted and continue to defend #45