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And a New Chapter Begins....

As I reflect on this year, I am astounded at my own growth. This last year has been a year of new beginnings and stepping out on faith. It has been the most confident I've ever been. I believed in my own abilities and talents and took chances on myself that I would have never taken before. I trusted God more than ever to lead me in the right direction. Even when that path appeared to lead to destruction, I remained obedient. This year has been just as hard as it has been amazing. I've had to make tough decisions, I've been stressed, I've been scared to death, I've been humiliated, and I have been angry. But it was all worth it for everything great that I experienced this year.
1. I started my own business
2.  I invested more than I ever thought in myself.
3. I started a Facebook group that grew to over 1000 members in 4 days.
4. My Facebook group grew to over 2000 people with members all of the US and the world.
5. I hosted and sold out…